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A Soft Place to Fall

Mäks Roßmöller


16:30 - 18:00

S4 LaborGras


A Soft Place to Fall

Activism fatigue, digesting media coverage of violence, rise of right wing agendas, Covid-19 pandemic: We are all challenged to rise to be part of the new world we don’t know yet and at the same time need to do this in a generative and nurturing way to keep it going.
In this workshop we will engage with the fat tissue organ’s super power: The active potential. Multi-possibility. Breaking the binary of active and passive.
Let's dive into this tissue that so often is overseen, neglected or villainized and integrate its gifts and potential.
This workshop feeds both of my biggest loves: integrating this highly socialized organ as fat activism in somatic land and by doing so fueling your work to be the change you want and need to be in the world.

Mäks is a psychologist, systemic therapist, artist and somatic practitioner (Somatic Academy Berlin), centering their work around radical health, gender and fat tissue on a collective and cellular level. Asking themself how to transform the traces of discrimination in the body to build resilient communities, the endgame is the anticapitalist revolution_transformation. For 8 years they have been researching and facilitating new relationships with fat tissue in workshops like ""Meeting Fat Tissue"", One-on-One Settings like ""Reclaim your Body_Fat"" and presenting their work internationally at conferences and festivals.
As a therapist they work in their practice in Berlin and train others around the topic of nonbinary genders and more accessible practices for fat, queer and gender nonconforming clients.
Their positioning is relevant because powerstructures don’t end at the door of somatics: They are queer, fat, middleclass, endosex, nonbinary transgender, white.