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An Aesthetik of (IM)Perfection

Bea Carolina Remark


14:30 - 16:30



An Aesthetik of IMPerfection

Body work, dance and
exploring your own movement language

Movement has a different meaning for everyone. Movement can be found everywhere:
in everyday movements, in silence, in dance, in nature.

Turning to your very own movement qualities, paying attention to them and making them aware, including the breakpoints and boundaries in them, creates gaps and expansion.

Based on the topic of dignity and our very own body experience with it, we explore our internal and external movements and give this space. Where does my movement take me when I pay attention to the dignity in it? Which movement is revealed beyond all imaginations and perceptual grids, also in the awareness of being part of a society? Where do we lose our dignity? And where do we catch them again?

We work with body awareness, movement and dance, we improvise with space, we are curious and develop our own dance and movement language so that everyone interested in dance - beginners and professionals - can participate regardless of their physical requirements.

Movement is revealed in a moment of dignity, presence and presence. It has to be found, over and over again. A pendulum motion between attention and devotion.

Bea Carolina Remark is a dance teacher, performer, creative dance and movement therapist, body therapist, dance and theater artist, poet and alternative practitioner (HP).
Spastically paralyzed since birth, she is an expert in her own right.

She has been working with choreographers, dance and theater professionals, therapists, colleges, universities and institutions for years and gives workshops at home and abroad. The development of diversity in cultural and political education, the development of equality in the world, but also the development of peace processes - in the sense of reflecting on and changing the view of the norm ideal of a society - is very important to her .
Her special curiosity is the constant confrontation and encounter with the foreign, the other, nature and all life. After every deeper encounter we are no longer who we were, every encounter transforms us into us.

Numerous training courses in dance, theater, body work, body therapy, trauma therapy, systemic therapy, yoga

Currently #take care residence at Tanzhaus Düsseldorf Research
"An Aesthetic of (IM) Perfection"

Project in Sweden 2021 - "An Aesthetic of (IM)Perferction

Cooperation with Universities, Kampnagel Hamburg, Rampenlichter München, Tanzzentrale Nürnberg... ect.

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