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Eco-Soma: Performance, Disability, Publics

Petra Kuppers


18:00 - 19:00


Performance Lecture

Eco Soma Performance Disability Publics

Petra Kuppers discusses her ecosomatic approach to art-making in public sites in order to analyze the difference disability makes. In a park in Detroit, Michigan, USA, performance artist Bree Gant carries water in multiple jars, a ritual action that remembers toxic water in Flint, Michigan. Images of disabled people and their allies diving underwater act as relational portraits, inviting dreams. Different art/life moments contemplate cultural trauma and toxic effects, addressed in healing collaborative art fields.

Petra Kuppers (University of Michigan/Goddard College) is a disability culture activist and community performance artist. She creates participatory community performance environments that think/feel into public space, tenderness, access and experimentation.
Petra received ASTR’s best dance/theatre book award, and her collection Gut Botany was named one of the top ten US poetry books of 2020 by the New York Public Library. Her next academic book project, Eco Soma: Speculative Performance Encounters, will appear in early 2022.

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