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Collective Dialogues - Exploring Embodiment of Micro-Politics Through the Viewpoints Technique

Manuela Albrecht


11:30 - 13:00



Exploring Embodiment of Micro Politics Through the Viewpoints Technique

Collective Dialogues is a 2 hours long workshop where micro-politics will be explored from within the body and in relation to other bodies through the lens of the Viewpoints Technique.

Viewpoints involves keeping bodies together in time and space. By navigating through the 9 viewpoints (tempo, duration, repetition, kinaesthetic response, spacial relationship, shape, gesture, architecture, and topography) we will negotiate ways to embody them as a group and discover together how bodily perceptions can foster social engagement.

The aim is to create an integrating space that acknowledges people’s backgrounds and to facilitate explorations through shared embodied experiences. The journey revolves around bringing to the surface the importance of relatedness, empathy, touch, sense of belonging, and tolerance.

The desire is to open reflections about our patterns of behaviour within society and create space to acknowledge, question, and perhaps break them. To think about micro-political transformations that can impact the macro-environment and empower collective actions.

Manuela Albrecht is a Brazilian interdisciplinary artist. She believes the body is political and that through movement, it becomes a medium to enhance perceptions for new reflections on the world we live in and share the resources of.

With a trajectory drawn from physical theatre, contemporary dance practices, and an in-depth study of the Viewpoints Technique with Anne Bogart, her practice revolves around the intersections between somatics and politics.

In London since 2016, she works as an independent artist and is currently undertaking an MFA in dance at Trinity Laban. Her research is within the realm of the embodiment of micro-politics through a somatic approach where she is interested in reflecting on experiences of displacement and belonging, power practices, and poetics of resistance.

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