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‘Going Under’ Dominant Narratives & False Norms

Sarah Barnaby

& Satu Palokangas


14:30 - 16:00



Going Under Dominant Narratives and False Norms

Inspired by the Body-Mind Centering® principle of ‘going under’ as well as queer theory, decolonization, and the history of scientific paradigm shifts, this lecture/workshop will turn a critical lens to how the study of anatomy and physiology is incorporated within somatic modalities. Our starting point will be cells: how might appreciating the wild diversity of cellular manifestations disrupt the artificial categories of a body system approach to anatomy and free us from the arbitrary reference point of a standard cell? We want to argue for the relevance and generativity of ‘going under’ in the practice of teaching and learning, which can be an ongoing, radical exercise in questioning and dismantling dominant narratives, allowing alternate stories and new potentials to emerge.

Sarah Barnaby lives in New York City, where she teaches infant handling skills and facilitates movement development for babies and toddlers. She has taught yoga, experiential anatomy, and developmental movement for adults and elders for over 10 years. Sarah is a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, Teacher and Infant Developmental Movement Educator. She is co-founder and co-director, with Amy Matthews, of Babies Project, a non-profit that supports caregivers and babies and offers developmental movement education for babies, toddlers and adults in their NYC space (and now online). She has shared her interest and research in cellular biology, evolution, embryology, physiology and emergence in a series of ""Geek Nights"" over the past 7 years as well as in conference presentations.

Satu Palokangas (FIN) is a Body-Mind Centering® Teacher and Practitioner, Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, Dynamic Embodiment Practitioner and an ISMETA registered Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator. With a background in dance and performance, Satu has been teaching somatic methods and developing ecosomatic practices for over 20 years. She’s the founder and director of the Somatic Movement Therapy Training in Helsinki, a guest faculty at the Dance and Acting departments at the Theatre Academy of Helsinki and the Eino Roiha Dance & Movement Therapy Training in Jyväskylä, and a visiting faculty member for the School for Body-Mind Centering. At the present, Satu collaborates with Sarah Barnaby on a 3-year research project on critical somatics, focusing on cells, babies and community, funded by the Kone Foundation.

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