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Moving with Horses - Reflections on an Interspecies Somatic Experience

Debora Oliveira


14:30 - 15:00


Short Presentation

Moving with Horses  Reflections on an Interspecies Somatic Experience

This is a report of my experience with Therapeutic Horseback Riding after working in the countryside of Brazil during Covid-19 restrictions. This experience is reframing some of my pedagogical and therapeutic practices as Eutonist and expanding the perspectives of the applications of the Somatics towards a human-non-human interaction. Subjects as interspecies relational attention, neuroplasticity, outdoor learning and the discussions between ethics and ecological awareness will be part of this session, encouraging somatic practitioners and interested people to explore movement with these (and other) sentient beings.
(photo: Artur Diaz at Instituto de Equoterapia Pégasus/Conexão Equestre, 2021)

Débora Oliveira works between the arts and neuromotor rehabilitation. She is studying for a Master’s degree in the program of Dance Poetics and Interfaces from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, is a graduate in Communication of the Arts of the Body – Competence in Dance from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and in Eutony from the Brazilian Institute of Eutony. With her arts-based and community-engaged project Transforming Body into Dance, she has been creating dance performances, installations, workshops and chat circles between South America and Europe since 2018. With her recent diploma in Therapeutic Horseback Riding from the Brazilian official training, she is now working with horses for enabling people with diverse physical and cognitive needs to find new pathways in movement. |

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