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White Advantage is a Disadvantage - Awakening Intersubjective Awareness

Martha Eddy


16:30 - 18:00



White Advantage is a Disadvantage

This is a session for unpacking the experience of a "somatic movement world/environment" that has long been predominantly dominated by white-bodied people. Join in on talking about benefits and disadvantages of racism for white people and its impact on those not perceived of as white. Explore a Dynamic Embodiment approach called - Personal Narrative of Living Inside Our Skin - A Moving Process. It includes recalling memories of how race impacts behavior and moving through these stories and sharing them. We tell experiences with our bodies and stay with the feelings that emerge. From a Dynamic Embodiment OSO (observe, support, options) perspective we will acknowledge these feelings, support their existence in the body, and play with what other movements/patterns want to happen - what desires do you have for dismantling the strictures of dominance. We will ask - how do these processes help us move into activism to change systemic oppression, or not?

RSMT/E, CMA, DEP, teacher of BMC since 1984, is a performer, researcher, first Geraldine Ferraro Fellow of Social Justice, world-wide lecturer & author. Her BodyMind Dancing classes and performance work have been featured in the NYTimes twice in 2021. She published her book Mindful Movement the Evolution of the Somatic Arts and Conscious Action in 2016/17, which speaks to history of the somatic field. A new book is Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun Salutation is full of Body-Mind Centering neuroendocrinology and more.. Her work centers in eco-somatics – a term she coined (, social somatics (, & peace education/violence prevention. She is best known for applying somatic movement, dance and neuro-motor exercise to educational and recreational programs for children and adults with diverse learning and physical challenges ( This includes people of all ages exploring health in relationship to cancer. Dynamic Embodiment theories and practices help bring back connection and a person to heal and thereby overcome the side-effects to treatment of life-threatening diseases and trauma (

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