Alexandra Schwartz

Alexandra Schwartz enjoys supporting people individually in their search process and creating safer spaces for self-empowerment and solidarity. 'I am curious how queer feminism, system theory, deep ecology and degrowth economy can be embodied in these fields. Most of what I have learned came from people who did not cease to love nor fight. I studied philosophy/ethics, English and physical education at the University of Würzburg and dance at Broadway Dance Center in New York City and the Vertigo Dance Company in Jerusalem; Dance projects brought my work to Barcelona, Stockholm, Teheran, Jerusalem and Ramallah; With contact bewegen e.V. I co-organize events researching the political potential of Contact Improvisation; Since 2018 I study and work as systemic body therapist (GST institute, Berlin); In 2019 we founded our queer multi-abled collective POLYMORA Inc.'