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Janina Rohlik

Janina Rohlik

she/ her

Janina Rohlik is exploring matters that make her move, think, dance, resist, write, protest, perform... She loves to share her practice with others in workshops or collective researches, as in her feminist performance/art collective donna’s gym. Janina’s work is informed by poetry, dance improvisation techniques and dancing the night away. She explores the body as a place of social negotiation of power, empowerment and resistance. Since 2009 Janina presented several performances with donna’s gym, most recently ""donnagrollen – ein Wutjahrmarkt ""(2019). She shared her solo work and researches at different occasions as at the dreizehn°festival (2018), Explosive Festival (2019) or at a Lecture Performance evening in Kassel (2020). Janina holds a diploma in Applied Cultural Sciences and has been an attendee in different programs for dance & performance. She is an educated dance trainer for children and adults and worked as a facilitator in the community dance project „La igualtat es mou“ (Spain, 2017).
Since 2020 Janina is a research resident in “Postgraduate Residence Studios and Performance Research Studies (PReS)” at “SOZO – visions in motions” (Kassel). She is currently deepening and expanding her ongoing research about power structures and their embodiment as well as the power of dance to transform.

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