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Mäks Roßmöller

Mäks Roßmöller


Mäks is a psychologist, systemic therapist, artist and somatic practitioner (Somatic Academy Berlin), centering their work around radical health, gender and fat tissue on a collective and cellular level. Asking themself how to transform the traces of discrimination in the body to build resilient communities, the endgame is the anticapitalist revolution_transformation!
Since 8 years they research and facilitate new relationsships with fat tissue in workshops like ""Meeting Fat Tissue"", One-on-One Settings like ""Reclaim your Body_Fat"" and presenting their work internationally at conferences and festivals.
As a therapist they work in their practice in Berlin and train others around the topic on nonbinary genders and a more accessible practices for fat, queer and gender nonconforming clients.
Their positioning is relevant because powerstructures don’t end at the door of somatics: They are queer, fat, middleclass, endosex, nonbinary transgender, white. And excited to meet you.

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