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Body IQ Radio - Interviews

Dieter Rehberg

& Guests




 Body IQ Radio Interviews

'Somatic Radio - Body IQ' is a series of 5 short semi-stuctured interviews with presenters of Body IQ 2021. These conversational interviews give an exciting insight into the transformative work of diverse presenters with embodiment in a wider cultural context.
He interviews are hosted by Dieter Rehberg (AT) in collaboration with Body IQ Festival 2021.
Featured presenters are: Adesola Akinleye; Olive Bieringa; E.E. Balcos, Eugenia Kim and Ka Nang David Leung; Petra Küppers; Nobantu Shabangu
Listen to all of the interviews at

Dieter Rehberg, RSMT, is a performer, Psychological Counselor (LSB), Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA), Somatic Dance Educator and Massage Therapist. He developed his method integrating different dance, bodywork and counselling techniques from his professional work as somatic therapist and performance artist and combined it with his insights into buddhist theory and practice. He is the director of the "Institut und Akademie für Physio-Mentale Entwicklung" and host of the WienJam.He has worked for 20 years in his private practice in Vienna and teaches nationally and internationally. His main concern of his workshops and seminars is a clear and coherent communication of the content in a mindful atmosphere and to never leave any questions open.

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