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BIPoC-Only Meet Up Space

Andrea Lei


14:30 - 16:00


Integration Space

BIPoC Only Meet Up Space

This event is open to BIPoC to join a sharing space for community reflection, conversation and collective support.
This space is for you — for us. Your healing and sense of safety matter.

It also marks an opening and start of the festival in which we can arrive together and get to know each other. There will be space to share your thoughts, a space to be heard. We can find grounding and breathe together. And most and foremost we will see each other, celebrate each other — knowing that we are not moving through alone. Let’s connect, exchange, hold and nurture each other!

Andrea is a non-binary being of Chinese descent, a fire dragon and human being as part of nature. They have a swiss passport privilege, thin body privilege and are able bodied. They raise their voice to dismantle systems of oppression and dedicate their work to pleasure activism. Their practices are in the intersections of somatic bodywork, movement, art&performance and social justice.

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