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Body IQ Community Call: Harvesting


19:00 - 20:00



Body Iq Community Call Harvesting

How does the experience of BODY IQ land with time and how do we make sense of it? What is in bloom, what is on our mind and in in our body? Let’s get in touch and speak from our bodies and intertwine our stories in this space.

Voices and Mural: What is alive for you after the festival?
Practice: Of giving thanks and making wishes for the future of “us”.
Break-out: Share how you’ll birth this experience into your life and community!

Event-Link will be sent two days before the event to those who purchased a ticket to the corresponding email.

Join us on Zoom

Emily Smith: She is an educator, designer, and exhibition-maker with a cross-disciplinary practice that closely considers ethnographic, choreographic, and participatory frameworks. She is a Professor of Communication Design at the UE University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Jamie Colston: I am an Art of Hosting, Family Constellations and a Dance & Embodiment practitioner. I am a Poet and a Parent, and a founding member of the I Am. We Are. CoLab ( My orientation around life, and the inner, outer and in-between work that I am involved with, is a re-membering and re-connecting with the web of life and reminding myself and other people of the deep relationship we are all in together.

Julia Hoffmann: Hi! I’m Julia, visual facilitator, scribe and social innovator. I work with teams, inviduals, organisations and networks supporting learning, movement and sensemaking. A visual thinker and creative at heart, I co-host process, sensemaking and self-care practices that invite groups to tap into their collective creativity and intelligence.

Mansi Jasua: I am a cross-pollinating generalist who has interdisciplinary work experience in several sectors: architecture; urban environmental management (water , waste, sanitation, low-income housing, climate change); women empowerment; purpose & wellbeing; conscious business. Originating from India and living in the Netherlands since the year 2000, I have worked with various international NGO's, organisations & universities. In 2008, a growing sense of climate urgency led me to re-orient myself and work to be wholly purpose driven. I love hosting spaces, empowering others and weaving networks. Some of the “hats / turbans" I wears in my life are: Networker, Feminist, Host, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Mother, Storyteller, Systems Rebel, Yogi, Nature-lover.

Christa Cocchiole is a berlin-based Integrative Movement Therapist, Body Oriented Systems Therapist, dancer, choreographer and social activist.

Mäks Roßmöller: They are a psychologist, systemic therapist, artist and somatic practitioner (Somatic Academy Berlin), centering their work around radical health, gender and fat tissue on a collective and cellular level. Asking themself how to transform the traces of discrimination in the body to build resilient communities, the endgame is the anticapitalist revolution_transformation!

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