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Souvenir - Cultivating Body-Site Correspondences

Virginia Farman


14:00 - 15:30



Cultivating Body Site Correspondences

How might movement be used to cultivate body – environment correspondences ?

The online workshop will introduce Souvenir (Farman 2020); a site-dance project for twelve dancers who were directed remotely via audio – recordings during the first national lockdown in 2020. Souvenir investigates how anthropologist Tim Ingold’s (2011,2013) notion of correspondences might be applied to movement practice. Correspondences offers the possibility for materials to ‘join(ing) with’ (2017:12.) each other in order to achieve a mutuality that produces the ‘artefacts’ themselves. Considered as thinking through making, in Souvenir I used audio -recordings to initiate an improvised correspondence between participants and environment; the aim being to cultivate reciprocity between the physicality of the dancer and the site. Dancers were asked to document their interactions on video and this material had been edited into four short dance-films.

In the online workshop I will show the films, lead participants in an audio-led exploration of an outdoor area and chair a discussion based on the concept of body – site correspondences, agency and attention.

Virginia Farman is a choreographer of site-based dances across a range of locations, (nightclubs, urban streets, seaside, nature-sites) and situations ( festivals, invited audiences, community participation, spontaneous display) . Her work is enthused by an interest in how dance can express humour, sensitivity and connection between people and places.
Originally trained with Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie and a member of the infamous Divas Dance company her early works were frequently performer at the Zap Club, Brighton. Farman is a long term collaborator with Bicycle Ballet, ( ; creating outdoor choreographies that have been performed nationally and internationally. Her short dance films and large scale works use dancing as method for community and cultural regeneration. Farman is a senior lecturer in Dance at the University of Chichester and PhD candidate ( .
Her more recent works; Children’s Games (2019 ) (Dances with) Cloud, Gate and Tree, ( 2020) and Souvenir ( 2020) have been created for specific outdoor locations ( ).

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