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Cultures of Fear: The Double Bind and Systemic Health

Ann Lenore Moradian


14.30 - 16:00



Cultures of Fear

A double bind is a situation with contradictory directives where responding successfully to one means failing at the other. The Cartesian body-mind split is one example, where cultural beliefs, behaviors, values and norms encourage disassociation from our bodies, while our deep biological need for human connection and caring is dependent upon our bodies’ feeling sense. The dichotomy between social-political approaches to living is another example. Inherently conflicting messages create incoherence and confusion, leading to “a breakdown between thought, emotion and behavior,” which “spirals into never-ending, but always systemic distortions” (Bateson). Identifying double binds is necessary to healing them.

In this workshop-discussion, we will look at the basic construct and examples of double binds, consider their relation to fear, cognition, culture and systemic health, use a movement journey format for participants to gently explore further, and conclude by offering discrete space for sharing discoveries and thoughts (which will be shared with the participants).

Ann Lenore Moradian is a movement artist, educator, writer and advocate for systemic health, embodied wholeness and conscious evolution. Originally a dancer and choreographer, she performed with Anna Sokolow’s Players’ Project, Impulse Theatre & Dance, and Perspectives In Motion, which she founded in NYC in 1988. With over 40 years of movement experience in dance, yoga and the martial arts, Moradian holds an MA in Dance Education, BA in Art & Society, Diplôme Universitaire in Improvisation & Créativité, certificates in Systems Thinking, Social Design, Yoga, with the equivalent of a black belt in Kinomichi, an aikido-based martial art.

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