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Dialoguing with Whiteness: Fluidity and Remembrance, Nurturing Paths of Healing and Liberation

Amélie Gaulier

& Sabrina Benhamouche


16:30 - 18:00



Dialoguing with Whiteness

Acknowledging that whiteness is a social construct rooted in the colonial project of racialization, this workshop offers embodiment and mindfulness practices and dialogue to descend into the body. What does it feel like and mean to inhabit our personal and social body? How does curiosity, care and spaciousness create a fostering container in order to investigate the dynamic of our privileges as human beings?

1.Embodying consciousness of gravity and space will lead us to explore the multi-layered thread of our identities. With Body-Mind Centering principles, through fluid and nervous systems, participants will move into their inner experiences.

How does the history of my cultural narrative impact my embodiment?

2.Enactive pedagogical tools will support the process of digging into our self and collective narratives (lineages) via the lens of the construct of whiteness. Participants will be invited to practice embodied listening, speaking and writing in relationship with their soul and heart qualities.

How does our sense of community and belonging can be nurtured?

3. What can we envision collectively to be accountable and dialogue further? Participants will be invited to weave their experiences and to gather insights for walking into a culture of healing and liberation.

Credit photo: Laetitia Daboville,2019.
Caption: Workshops with highschoolers from Collège Politzer (La Courneuve, France) led by Amélie Gaulier in partnership with Citoyenneté Jeunesse and Sabrina Benhamouche.

Sabrina Benhamouche is an indigenous woman from north Africa. She walked a healing path for many years with transgenerational tools and animism perspective. Practitioner of improvised movement, she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and transgenerational psychoanalysis. As an artistic and cultural projects carrier, she activates the subtle links that exist between creation and transmission.

Amélie Gaulier is a female white body, her ancestry runs from Spain to unknown lineages. Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) practitioner and Somatic Movement Therapist Member of ISMETA ; she is studying Body-Mind Psychotherapy with Susan Aposhyan and in training to become a certified MNDFL meditation instructor under the supervision of Rev. angel Kyodo Williams and David Perrin. As a performance artist, she has been teaching improvisation through movement, voice, and imagination to children and adults for 14 years. Authentic movement and contemplative practices nourish her pedagogy.

Sabrina and Amélie met in 2005 when studying theatral studies at the University Paris 3 - La Sorbonne Nouvelle. They both, as a team, recently completed a Masters Research Degree at the INSPE/UPEC, National Institute of Professorship and Education in Paris. Their research intends to understand how our narratives and collective stories can be modulated through cognitive rest and enactive tools for self and collective care.
Credit photo: Laetitia Daboville,2019.

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