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Discomfort – Disorientation - Grounding

Heike Kuhlmann


11:30 - 13:30



Discomfort Disorientation Grounding

The feeling of safety and being in one`s comfort zone are privileges that only some can take for granted. For many, a comfort zone is just a desirable aspiration. Being present in the world include discomfort, arising out of the recognition of the illegitimateness of privileges in society. Disorientation precedes orientation. The promise of happyland keeps the hegemonic system staying alive. Happyland costs dissociating from discomfort and disorientation. Discomfort and disorientation are part of every change process. Authentic Movement (AM) can offer an individual and collective approach to connect with oneself and to perceive what is. It is a dyadic practice in which one invites being seen and is learning to witness.

Heike Kuhlmann, dancer, choreografer, RSDME, Body-Mind Centering®-SME, MA Choreography, Diploma IBMT, part of the Global Water Dances Performance collective Berlin. I teach in the education programme of the Somatische Akademie Berlin and in the field of cultural education. For me art, movement, somatics and activism are aspects of the same thing- expression of being alive. I locate myself in between. Being alive is being in cha(n/r)ge.

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