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Dismantling Racism as a Daily Practice

Puma Höflich


14:30 - 16:00



Dismantling Racism as a Daily Practice

There is written a lot about the pattern of racism due to the unflagging work of Black and PoC activists.
Reesma Menakem wrote and teaches about the trauma that causes racism to black, white and police bodies.
In this workshop we want to explore how racism is deeply anchored in our bodies and in our cells.
How do feelings of guilt and shame hold us back from engaging into antiracism as a daily practice?
This is a workshop to understand racism within our mind, heart and belly to dismantle it.
Due to time we will be able to get a teaser of the wound that racism did and does to white bodies.
We will do different bodypractices and interactions in small groups.

Please notice: You should be able to hold yourself and be able to deal with uncomfortable feelings coming up as a begining for a change within.

This workshop is for white bodies.

Puma Höflich is a white, nonbinary, queer bodyworker based in Berlin. For over 20 years they have taught weekly Qigong classes, playshops about sexmagic, breathwork and „Wheel of consent™“.
They spent half of their life theoretically understanding how racism works. Due to Reesma Menakem's work, they are diving into racism on a more somatic level. Their passion is to bring people closer to feel, what is going on in their bodies, so the understanding happens also in their hearts and bellies.
Puma says about this/their work:
“We have to understand racism in our cells in order not to switch to flight – freeze mode. And coming closer to our vulnerabilities within a safe(r) container brings us more to our souls and to a change that is deeply needed in this binary world.

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