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Tippin Point: Eco-Somatics as Practice and Activism

Thomas Kampe, Jamie

McHugh & Katja Münker


18:30 - 19:30



Eco Somatics as Practice and Activism

There is a growing trend within dance and somatic practices to reclaim their potential for being culturally transformative. How do we construct embodied practices of self-care as radical and critical tools for ecological regeneration in a rapidly changing world? Can somatic practices offer new modes of thinking, perceiving and being-with, necessary for an embodied planetary citizenship and stewardship? How can we articulate eco-somatic practices and ethics as acts of care, resistance, reconnection and regeneration? How can somatically informed arts practices offer timely communal forms of expression, immerion and activism in a world facing ecological catastrophe? How does such catastrophe influence, disturb, radicalise and politicise our practices? ' (JDSP Vol 13.2 Call for contributions).

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