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Reflecting on Film Works Series: Embodied-Entanglements / Entangled-Embodiments

Bev Butkow


14:00 - 14:10


Short Presentation

Embodied Entanglements  Entangled Embodiments

These created forms function as an interface between our different bodies, setting up an exchange in the form of a somatic and affective dialogue. Creative processes rely on the non-verbal somatic register as a mode of communication around complex topics. Somatic conversations function as social agitators capable of managing the confrontation of difference. Knotting together these relationships, the forms facilitate a meditation around what ‘unbounded’, fluid and expanded mean in relation to bodies, lives, materials, making practices and space. I propose to present my creative process and art forms as an online presentation.

Here is an example of my practice:

Bev Butkow started making art in her mid-40s and is now a full-time artist grounded in the seriousness of her responsibility as a maker, communicator and social actor. Passionate about life-long learning, she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Wits University, South Africa on a scholarship from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. She brings a diversity of perspectives form her varied life experiences, like corporate and artistic careers, community involvement, academia and role as a mother and wife. She entangles slow and progressive making processes, the materiality of her body and deep material experimentation into animated forms that simultaneously hold together and unravel.

Butkow will exhibit at the forthcoming Dakar Biennale and has exhibited at 1-54 London, Cape Town Art Fair and Wits Art Museum and her work is housed in local and international collections. Born and living in Johannesburg with her husband and four children, her creative home is the Bag Factory Artist Studios, blocks away from where her grandfather sold eggs at the Fresh Produce Market in the 1960s. She co-founded a library in rural Limpopo and works actively on the board and management committee of 11 schools.

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