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Every Inhale Begins With an Uprising: A Right to Embody Playshop

Amber E. Gray


11:30 - 13:00



Every Inhale Begins With an Uprising

Every human being has the right to inhabit their body in ways they choose. This one hour playshop illuminates the impact of exposure to violence and oppression on our bodies and its primary language of movement. Movement, a primary language for most, can be liberated and can concurrently help liberate from the embodied experience of oppression. Experiential movement practices derived from the instructors work as a Dance/Movement, Somatic & Human Rights Psychotherapist, Continuum and Yoga teacher with survivors of extreme human rights abuse will support activists, advocates, co-conspirators, allies, educators, therapists and change makers to source their bodies as a wellsprings of empowerment, justice and change.

Dr. Amber Elizabeth Lynn Gray, Executive Director of The Kint Institute, is an award winning dance movement therapist, a somatic/human rights psychotherapist, a long time practitioner and teacher of yoga, and an Authorized Continuum teacher. Amber has worked for many years with people who have survived human rights abuses, war and torture. Amber originated Restorative Movement Psychotherapy , the only framework for dance, movement, mindfulness and creative arts therapies with refugees and survivors of torture, and Polyvagal-informed Dance. Movement and Somatic Therapies for trauma, based on a deep immersion in Polyvagal Theory. Equally activist, artist, clinician, and lover of all things wild, Amber regularly leads eco-somatic, “wild-zeness” retreats for survivors of trauma.

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