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First Movement

Tania Solomonoff

& Eve Bonneau


16:30 - 18:30

Ölbergkirche 1

First Movement

This performance is a living research on the essence of presence, inviting the audience to enter in our intimate flesh.
What if our body was an accumulation of skins like the growth rings of a trunk? These strata could contain centuries of human oscillations, increases and social atrophy. We could undo layers of memories in a retrospective movement until the hatching. Past is a present construction through a body language impregnated by our affects. As its etymology says, “motion, movement”, emotion is a dance.
We propose a first exposure: to get rid of what separates us from spaces we inhabit and we are. A moult/ metamorphosis takes place through our dead and living skins. We explore Derrida's deconstruction: an absence of structure, of center, of meaning. What happens if what you think to know falls down? Our performative introspection questions each of us on ways of revealing ourselves to the world.
Concretely it is a form of rite between the one who guides and one who receives. The space focuses « on and under the skin » to infiltrate the tissues of the body activating kinesthetic touch. One performer accompanies the other performer in its physical collapse until she is completely lied on the floor. Then, from the floor the performer explores various layers of memories while rising.

Audience is free to enter and leave during the performance

See first part of the video, until 3'19min / password: 19741981

Tania Solomonoff is a transdisciplinary artist. Her work focuses on body and aesthetic research at the intersection of artistic disciplines, identity and transculturality, somatic practices and collective memory. She grew up on 3 Continents: America, Africa and Europe. Her art training is influenced by different socio-political contexts and languages. Currently, dance, performance, therapeutic and somatic techniques, audiovisual and graphic media are integrated into her production, as well as interaction with specific communities. Her interest is the transdisciplinary creation, interchange residencies and site-specific work. She is part of the National System of Art Creators of Mexico.

Eve Bonneau: Trained in ballet and contemporary dance at the Conservatory of La Rochelle and P.A.R.T.S in Brussels, Eve also followed the pedagogy of the psychomotor Jacques Garros since she was 11 years old. She has developed an approach beyond stage, questioning the perceived presence in the intersection between performance art, somatic practices and visual arts. Her work has been presented in Belgium, UK, France, Poland, Brazil. She traveled for 4 years in Mexico where she taught and performed, developing a collaboration with Tania Solomonoff. Her research takes the form of a pedagogical approach where somatics becomes a way of transmitting and a commitment.

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