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Flexible Vulnerabilities: Feldenkrais & Somatic Theatre Practice

Kene Igweonu

& Thomas Kampe


14:30 - 16:00



Flexible Vulnerabilities Feldenkrais and Somatic Theatre Practice

This workshop explores playful applications of the Feldenkrais Method® in the context of theatre practice. How can a journey from embodied awareness and nuanced function into expressivity, play and affective interaction extends traditional applications of the Feldenkrais Method into a sustainable practice of vulnerability and creative relational becoming? Using systemic movement processes and concepts such as ‘acture’, ‘flexibility’, ‘reversibility’, ‘dignity’ or a ‘fundamental unity of body, mind and environment’ we develop somatic toolkits that allow participants to gently activate psycho-physical responsiveness, soma-expressive characterisation, embodied vocalisation and playful interaction with others. The workshop is open to participants of all abilities.

Dr Kene Igweonu is Deputy Dean (Research and Knowledge Exchange) for the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex University London. His research and publication interests are in actor and performance training, directing, black British theatre, theatre and performance in Africa and its Diasporas, as well as the Feldenkrais Method in health, wellbeing and performance training. As a theatre practitioner he is interested in how the Feldenkrais Method can be used to underpin technique development, enabling actors, dancers and musicians to realise their full potential.

Thomas Kampe has worked with somatic processes for actors, for over 35 years. He works as Professor of Somatic Performance and Education at Bath Spa University. Thomas is a teacher of the Feldenkrais Method ®, which forms a foundation for his teaching and research which focuses on legacies of critical somatic practices. Thomas co-edited JDSP Vol. 9 (2017): ‘Bodily undoing: Somatics as practices of critique’, and was guest editor of the IFF Journal Vol. 6 (2019): ‘Practices of Freedom: The Feldenkrais Method and Creativity’. His latest book-chapter on ‘Feldenkrais and the Theatre’ was published in 2021. He was co-director of Body IQ Festival 2019.

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