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Getting Gutsy: Exploring Biological Origins & Movement for Trusting Our Guts

Mary Abrams


19:00 - 20:30



Getting Gutsy

When Earth was ocean, a unique animal occurred — a complex cellular structure involuted. Outside folded into inside creating a tube, a gut body. This creature’s intelligence, an ancient nervous system, is alive in our bodies. Our guts/gut-brain are the Enteric Nervous System. Exploring this intelligence through breath/sound/movement, we awaken our guts to listen and feel soft, fluid, strong, resilience; and by “getting gutsy,” how we can “trust our guts” for support and new meaning.

Mary Abrams, MA, RSME, of Moving Body Resources (NYC) holds an MA degree in Consciousness Studies focused on embodied movement, affective neuroscience, and Epistemics; a BA in Dance, and has practiced 26 years of Continuum. She taught on the MA Dance & Somatic Well-being course (University of Central Lancashire, UK and USA); and currently teaches on the Continuum Training at the Somatische Akademie Berlin. Mary also served on the board of directors of ISMETA 2002-2011.

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