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Re-Thinking - Me and My White Skeleton

Angela Guerreiro

& Prof. Pelin Celik & Students of HTW


11:30 - 13:00



Me and My White Skeleton

'Re-Thinking Me and My White Skeleton' is a work in progress based on the recent installation 'Me and My White Skeleton‘ by Angela Guerreiro, in collaboration with Prof. Pelin Celik and HTW students who will re-design the entrance space at Aquarium, inspired and guided by Guerreiro’s work. The installation reflects on the history of colonization, racism, prejudice and body decolonization, and on the boundaries of the black body and its exposure within an European context.
'Re-Thinking - Me and My White Skeleton' opens up a discourse between my other and the other Others, seeking for a healing process. How can we talk about racism in honest ways? How can hate be defused despite our alienations and fears? Considering that we all are living organisms, can somatic approaches create awareness around these topics to facilitate space for social change by bringing kinesthesia, proprioception and cellular intelligence into play?
HTW students will be encouraged to reflect on daily racism through their own personal perspectives, within a somatic context that aims to foster communication, attention and a deeper reflection about the awareness of the other .
'Re-Thinking - Me and My White Skeleton' is a durational installation with live interventions by Angela Guerreiro, Liz Erber, Laura Colomban, Camille Barton and Eve Bonneau. Please check Body IQ Festival program for more information about each presenter.

Angela Guerreiro, curator, producer, teacher, dancer and choreographer was born in Lisbon in 1965 and has lived in Munich - after 23 years in Hamburg . She was trained in classical dance in system of the Royal Academy of Dance (1975-86) and studied at the Escola Superior de Dança, Lisbon (1986-89) and at the Center of New Dance Development in Arnhem (1989-91). She holds a Master's degree in Dance and Movement Therapy (2015), received basic training in Moving Cycle, a body-centered psychotherapy (2015) and she is a Relaxation Therapist (Autogenes Training und Progressive Muscle Relaxation). She is a Dynamic Embodiment Practitioner (DEP), graduated from the Dynamic Embodiment - Somatic Movement Therapy Training (DE-SMTT) program, in 2019. She is currently completing the teacher training of BodyMind Dancing TM. She initiated Baby Body Mind Dancing (BaBoMiDa) a branch of BodyMind Dancing TM. She is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME). Between 1986-2020 she worked internationally as an independent choreographer, dancer, mentor, producer of various international projects and festival curator of DanceKiosk-Hamburg (2005-2016). In 2020 the Munich Department of Culture granted Guerreiro a scholarship for the solo research 'Me and My White Skeleton’ and for ‚WIR’ a film-production with teenagers from the Munich Department of Culture.

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