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MEISA Community Practice During Covid: a Lifeline

Melissa C Rolnick


16:30 - 17:30



MEISA Community Practice During Covid

Movement-Exploration-Imagination-Sensation-Awareness is a contemplative, somatic practice that promotes the body as a necessary locus of investigation acknowledging that the body’s wisdom will reveal itself through intentional focus and attentive presence. The practice invites the kinesthetic experience to unfold. Guided and sustained exploration is designed to enliven a practitioner’s individual physicality and creativity. Moving together provides the lifeline for connection, personal growth, empowerment and transformation.

Melissa Rolnick is a life-long dancer. She has a BFA from SUNY Purchase and MFA from Mills College. Her teaching/movement practice have been informed by dance, somatic, contemplative practice and movement research in many forms. Melissa has taught at Sonoma State, Western Washington, California State Fresno, and Arizona State University. Melissa was the Lenz Residential Fellow at Naropa University where she began developing MEISA. She is an associate professor at Gustauvs Adolphus College in Minnesota.

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