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Möbius Devices: A Performance Sound Installation Process

Laura Colomban


14:30 - 15:30



Moebius Devices

This process-based work questions around the problematics of resonance and affects that the attention to aurality carry to the performer in the act of creation and on the spectator’s experience.
It is essential to question, in the context of Expanded Choreography, the nature of participation through a performative modus operandi.
Including, addressing, exposing, disorienting, questioning and problematizing proximity, intimacy, distance, representation, production of memories and cultural porousness.

To listen is to enter in the spatiality by which, at the same time, I am penetrated. To be listening is to be inside as well as outside, to open from without and from within, hence from one to the other as from one in the other. It creates a condition as such: sharing an inside/outside, division and participation, de-connection and contagion. (Nancy & Mandell, 2007, 14)

Through Performance Practice we interrogate the concept of spheres within spheres as a modality for creation:
the sphere of the kinaesthetic, the auditory, the relational sphere in the act of co-creation with the spectators.
The sphere of the kinaesthetic involves somatic perceptivity, choreographic creation and performance practice,
the auditory sphere includes instantaneous creation of looping synthetic vocality, in between non-sensical and sensical
the relational sphere questions the notion of audience participation through a mediated experience.
The spectators are challenged in the act of Epopteia (from the Greek word εποπτεία), which entangles the act of “looking over/through”, as the artist leaves the space for the spectators' agency.

A final discussion and conversation will articulate findings, explaining the context and concept, contemplating how the Performance Practice is evolving through time.

Concept: Laura Colomban
Performers: Laura Colomban (in presence), Carolina Cappelli (virtual)
Sound Adviser: PJ Davy

** For this performance you will need your mobile and headphones.

Performer and researcher, Laura graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, where she delved and articulated her practice inquiring the inter-relation of circular structures in sonic and aural expression experienced through Somatic Expanded Choreography. She is interested in multi modal experiences which lead the spectators to question and bring attention to the sense and act of listening.

Originally from Venice, she is a Registered Somatic Dance and Movement Educator (ISMETA). As performer, her work has been produced in New York from Triskelion Art Center and Picasso Machinery, she has performed at Bric Arts Media with The Commons Choir, studied and assisted Anna Halprin in California, received Sponsorship at BANFF Creative Art Center in Canada as Choreographer and studied Martial Arts in China at Bai Ma Shan. Her solo NEU MA has performed at MamBo (Contemporary Art Museum Bologna), at MAster Digital Exhibit (Venice) and at Festival Prospettiva Danza e Ricerca (Padova). Her short dance-video Fratture has been chosen at Hangar Digital Interfaces. She has published her extracts of her research in two National Academic Journals. Recently she founded a space in Venice, with the intention of sharing her practice and pursuing experimenting and provoking, involving a diverse range of community.

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