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(Re)Embodying the Everyday (Unsettling Bodies to Tune into Place)

Lydia Halcrow


14:00 - 14:30


Short Presentation

Re Embodying the Everyday

Facing daily bleak news of a world in environmental and pandemic crisis, we increasingly find ourselves with little agency, distanced from places and people we love, our identity eroded along the way. The artefacts proposed are the culmination of a 7 year practice-based doctoral research project, exploring processes that disrupt and force a slowness on my sensing body as a way to enable what Donna Haraway calls ‘reading with our senses attuned to stories told in otherwise muted registers’. The artistic processes aim to offer other embodied ways of knowing and being in a place, specifically of tuning into the everyday fleeting and often overlooked materials in the form of post-industrial decay and human debris. The artworks that emerge are fragile and like my walking body and our landscapes in a state of flux, they crumble and curl, they offer up alternative records of what it is to embody a place in all of its entangled complexities, navigating through them at a time of deep uncertainty.

My artistic practice is a site responsive, multi-disciplinary, embodied practice with a focus on the development of a range of embodied processes through repeated walks in a place that engage with different senses and act as an alternative series of maps of a place (sitting within a counter-cartographical framework), often recording the fleeting and overlooked. I am in the final months of a practice-based PhD in Fine Art with links to Environmental Humanities, I am an Associate Lecturer at Bath School of Art at Spa University and a Painting, Drawing and Fine Art tutor at the Open College of Arts degree pathways. My work is in permanent collections / exhibitions in the UK, Europe and the USA.

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