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Christine Linnea Borch


11:30 - 12:00


Art/Video Installation


Log Line:
Sīna is a portrait of the Sinai desert; tapping into the feminine and sensual poetry of the land, body and soul is unleashed beyond borders.

Sīna is a feminine sensual poetic portrait of the Sinai desert in Egypt. It is a visual statement, insisting on beauty, union and female embodied expression beyond borders. Sīna captures gracefully and intuitively a female voice and questions human created borders by moving in circles and flowing with the forces as they spontaneously arise in two female dancers as the sun rise and set over Holy Land.


Christine Borch

Shaymaa Shoukry

Paola Calvo

Danish Egyptian Dialogue institute in Cairo DEDI, DAYER, DRØMMESALEN, TUMULT FILM

Christine Linnea Borch is a choreographer, singer and medicine woman from Denmark.
Through her dedicated dance with life, she has developed a unique body of work, especially for women, that has been presented at festivals, retreats and individual sessions across the planet.
In 2015 she created Drømmesalen on Møn island in Denmark as a framework for organizing ceremonies in Europe and offering shamanic journeys. Christine´s voice, movements and medicine work transmits the frequency and potent message for Mother Earth and is bridging her knowledge from her North Europe Viking ancestors to the World.

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