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The Case for Invagination #3

Nicole Bindler


19:30 - 20:05



The Case for Invagination 3

An invagination is a fold, a concavity, a feminist reimagining of space, not necessarily correlated with the anatomical vagina. Why invaginate?? 1) Feels good. 2) Try something new? 3) Your cells will love it! 4) Intussuscept the patriarchy.

In this second version of the piece, I deepen my investigation of a monologue that I created for my knee scar who now dialogues with my more recently acquired neck scar and my belly button about the meaning of life, and questions about whether they are invaginations (nouns) or if they have been invaginated (verb).

""I might be vestigial, but I still deserve respect."" ––Belly Button

""I was put together by Dr. Kelly and Dr. Mehta. They used two different suture techniques, which is why I look so different from the right to the left. My middle is just kind of a splotch."" ––Knee Scar

""Someone recently said about me, 'I couldn’t tell if that was a scar or a funny wrinkle.' And actually, that really offended me because I’m not just a funny wrinkle."" ––Neck Scar

For more information about the work, please see this thINKingDANCE review by Leslie Bush:

Created and performed by Nicole Bindler
Directed by Mark Kennedy
Music by Dustin Slaughter

Nicole Bindler is a dance-maker, Body-Mind Centering® practitioner, writer, and activist. She has been presented at festivals, conferences, and intensives throughout the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and Europe, and in Tokyo, Beirut, Bethlehem, Mexico City, and Quito. Recent projects include teaching about consent culture and disability justice in contact improvisation; somatic research on the embryology of the genitalia from a non-binary perspective; collaborations with Diyar Theatre in Bethlehem, Palestine; teaching experimental classes such as Embodying Neuroqueer/Neuroqueering Embodiment and Polyvagal Theory and Protest through freeskewl; presentations at the Future of CI Conference and the BMCA Online Somatic Symposium about rebuilding in-person dance and somatics communities in ways that tangibly address the inequities laid bare by the pandemic.

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