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The F/OL\D as Somatic/Artistic Practice

Susan Sentler

& Glenna Batson


11:00 - 12:30



The FOLD as Somatic Artistic Practice

Folding is in all things organic and material, a living continuum of dimension and depth.
This workshop invites the curious to immerse themselves in the Fold. Designed as a generative platform for sourcing creativity, the workshop offers a space to transform playful exploration into deeply honed intimacy within art making. Two seasoned facilitators, multi-media artist and dancer Susan Sentler and somatic educator Glenna Batson will guide and curate through a palette of embodied processes.

Susan Sentler, BA, MACP is an independent dance artist. She has taught and practiced globally in and around the field of dance for over 30 years. Susan’s creative, pedagogic and research practice is interdisciplinary, anchored by a honed somatic relationship to image. She focuses on gallery/museum contexts creating/collaborating on ‘responses’ or ‘activations’ within exhibitions as well as durational installations orchestrating moving/still image, objects, sound and absence/presence of the performing body.

Glenna Batson, ScD, PT, MA is an independent lecturer, researcher, mentor and performer. For nearly five decades, she has honed a trans-disciplinary approach to the study of embodiment, bridging between dance, science, phenomenology, and somatic studies. Professor emeritus of physical therapy (Winston-Salem State University), internationally recognised teacher of the Alexander Technique, Fulbright Senior Specialist, Glenna currently teaches Somatics: Embodiment for the 21st Century for the M.F.A. dance program at Duke University.

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