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The ReWilding Project

Liz Erber

Dan Farberoff


11:30 - 12:30


Performance Lecture

The ReWilding Project

Liz Erber and Dan Farberoff, would like to present excerpts from the ReWilding Project, which is a multimedia somatic theater performance, together with a lecture. There are also Fotos and Video which can be exhibited over the weekend.
The ReWilding Project is about the ever-increasing fragility of nature, as well as human nature, in our contemporary, post-industrial world. We will address some of the primary issues—personal, social, and environmental—that have come with our divergent cultural path, one that has separated us in many ways from our evolutionary origins. These include:
1) A wide-spread disconnect from our own bodies, from others and from the earth;
2) Our ability, or disability to respond (response-ability) to the vast social- and environmental crisis we are currently facing.
3) The role of science and technology in our lives. Are science and technology merely powering a destructive human machine, or can they be harnessed to bring us toward greater levels of awareness and connection?
How do we come closer to the nature within (inside one’s own body) and without (outside of one’s own body) in a city like Berlin? How do find each other? How do we go forward?

Liz Erber has been an avid somatic practictioner for 20 years, exploring a wide variety of somatic practices. She has been choreographing and creating her own yearly performance works since 2003. Through performance she explores social interaction and intervention, community participation, environmental engagement, as well as somatic engagement of both performer and audience. She has also been teaching contact improvisation for nearly 20 years, in addition to: contemporary dance, improvised performance, moving and writing, Laban/ Barntenieff movement studies, conscious breathwork, yoga, and more. She currently lives in Oderberg, Brandenburg, where she has recently founded together with her partner, the non-profit: KuNaKu: Haus für Kunst, Natur und Kultur gGmbH, and Sonnenstrom Oderberg, which produces energy through photovotalic modules.
Dan Farberoff is a multi-national, interdisciplinary, multimedia artist, director and filmmaker. He is also a fine artist, movement practitioner, at times yoga and meditation teacher, programmer and researcher. In 2020 he completed and extensive multidisciplinary project, Common Views: Sourcing Water Project & Exhibition in the Isaraeli desert, together with artists David Behar. This was a collaborative project involving the local Bedouin populations, where there exists a great disparity in the alotment and access to resrouces. A new Common Views project is being launched in 2021 in Brandenburg, in collaboration with the Schorfheide-Chorin Bioreservation.

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