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Visceral Empathy: A Capacity for Inner and Outer Homemaking

Minou Tsambika Polleros


11:30 - 12:10



Visceral Empathy

In this 90 minute workshop investigation I wish to unpack the terminology of ‘visceral empathy’ and share some scores of my performance practice homing-in: radical capacities of the sensate. An ongoing work in outdoor natural environments that activates what Jane Bennet describes as “the ability to discern the vitality of matter” (Bennet 2010, 119). A mode of sensing past the outer surface of animate things, able to penetrate into their fleshy interiority with our own felt sensation. I will lead into a series of indoor and outdoor explorations interested in the subjective experience of my co-researchers and how we can develop the sensibilities and language articulation for communicating with other animate matters, how we can expand our relate and responds-ability. Living in an age where climate change is a physical matter, I would like to discuss this capacity as a potential remedial practice to the increasing symptoms of environmental apathy, increasing sensory deprivation, the intellectually thought and bodily felt separateness from the rest of the animate world. I wonder how cultivating this visceral capacity can contribute towards developing a stronger eco-somatic literacy and how it can inform a more embodied system change in both environmental and social arenas.

Minou Tsambika Polleros is a movement artist, choreographer and visual artist with an interest in dance practices conducted both in and with outdoor environments. She holds degrees in Choreography, Visual Art and Social Sculpture. Her practice ranges from small choreographic interventions, to site specific research projects, she often includes photography in her work. Minou has taught choreography at University Falmouth, led regular contemporary dance classes and is currently working with students on the MA program Art & Place in the UK. Since 2017 she is an co-director an organization dedicated to the dialogue between art and the natural world. Since 2019, she is a member of the Somatic Communication Research Group steered by Nita Little. Minou is currently preparing for a Phd.

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