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Vivir Distinto: Conversations about Other Forms of Life, Imaginaries of the Territory & the Body

Tania Solomonoff


20:00 - 21:30



Vivir Distinto

It is a workshop/piece - directed at a distance by the artist, where a collective exercise of listening and reflection is proposed between communities that, in a remote situation and without knowing each other, exchange local knowledge and daily experiences in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. A dialogue between the rural population of Ticopó and Maní (Yucatán, México) dedicated to agriculture, beekeeping and meliponiculture (they will be present at the online session), with the participants of the Body IQ Festival. After being guided towards a state of sensitive introspection, the attendees will be presented with a documentary (duration 48min/soon with english subtitles) with testimonies of the women and men of these Mayan communities who had somatic experiences with the artist. Later there will be a time for everyone to talk online. This conversation will be recorded (in Berlin) and returned to the same communities in Mexico. Finally, to empower the flow of information, Body IQ participants will be provided with a shared contact directory. Tania Solomonoff links this practice with the origin of living art: getting together and provoking experience. This workshop piece was already presented at the Iberoamerican Festival of Cadiz in October 2020 with a great response from the audience.

Tania Solomonoff is a transdisciplinary artist. Her work focuses on body and aesthetic research at the intersection of artistic disciplines, identity and transculturality, somatic practices and collective memory. She grows on 3 Continents: America, Africa and Europe. Her Art training is influenced by different socio-political contexts and languages. Currently, dance, performance, therapeutic and somatic techniques, audiovisual and graphic media are integrated into her production, as well as interaction with specific communities. Her interest is the transdisciplinary creation, interchange residencies and site-specific work. She is part of the National System of Art Creators of Mexico.

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