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Welcoming space for transgender, non-binary, intersex and other gender-non conforming people

Ayo Gry

& Axel Pedersen-Nielsen


11:30 - 13:30


Integration Space

Welcoming space for transgender non binary intersex and other gender non conforming people

This space has been created to enable trans and non-binary attendees to get to know each other a little and build some supportive networks.
We will talk about how it feels to be in cis-dominated space and explore what support we can offer each other as well as identify what support might be available from the organisers. Starting with some simple grounding/manifesting exercises, we will take time to think about what tools we can use to help us to articulate our needs and expectations.

Ayo Gry (they/he) is educated in Sexological Bodywork and Mind/Body Therapy. Ayo is co-founder of Skinship_Berlin - a touch based place for kinship, where they daily facilitate embodied sessions for individuals, couples and groups. They believe in cultivating a sense of belonging and interconnectedness between people and nature as a crucial path for growth.

Axel Pedersen-Nielsen (he/him) lives in Berlin, where he works with embodied counselling and as a bodyworker (Pantarei Approach). He facilitate groups and gives individual sessions.
Having a background in activism and social justice, especially around the topic of trans- and non binary peoples acces to health care, he is interested in how an embodied approach can support people to get in touch with their own power and resilience.

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