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What Do I stand For? - A Movement Workshop

Sandra Reeve


11:30 - 13:00



What Do I stand For

If I pay embodied attention, as I move and speak, to my ‘sensory templates’ (a sequence of actions, embedded in my sensorimotor system, that I use to represent a particular concept to myself) this can reveal my particular ways of perceiving the world and of acting within it.
This workshop is intended to stimulate a collective enquiry into how our somatic practices can help to uncover deeply seated biases and embedded attitudes.

Sandra Reeve is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Exeter, UK and author of ‘Nine Ways of Seeing a Body.’ Move into Life is her cyclical programme of autobiographical and environmental movement workshops in West Dorset. Her movement research is influenced by walking, ecological thinking, Buddhist practice, gardening and performance. She both facilitates and creates small-scale ecological events, as well as mentoring individual movement-basedcreative projects. She is a movement psychotherapist and supervisor.

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