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Christina Petersen

Christina Petersen first learned of the Feldenkrais-Method at the start of the 1990s. Since 2003 she has been working as a Feldenkrais-Practitioner in Lübeck and did her exam to be a state approved naturopath in 2014. In 2017 she fulfilled her training to be an Assistant Trainer and has been assisting the training courses, which are mainly based in Spain. She also studied music in Lübeck and is working as a piano teacher. Christina is also the founder of the „ConMotoPetersen“ podcast were she talks to students and teachers of the Feldenkrais-Method. At the start of spring 2021 she started a lectureship at the University of Music, Drama and Media based in Hannover. The focus will be the connection of music and the Feldenkrais Method.

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