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Physical ArtHouse

Physical ArtHouse


Physical ArtHouse acts under Marek Zadluzny's artistic guidance in Zielona Gora, Poland. It is a platform of people who work creatively from the range of dance theatre and physical dance. We create space focusing makers whose artistic researches concentrate on performative arts and physicality in scenic activities.
The aesthetic of ensemble juxtaposes the trends of minimalism and organic movement characteristic for physical theater and selected contemporary dance techniques. In parallel it is based on the foundation of structural improvisation, which constitutes the original, dynamic and strong style of choreographies created by the ensemble. The performances are always the result of creative, collective collaboration and combine different languages of communication through the art. The repertoire group has been presenting its performances at many prestigious art festivals in Poland and abroad for ten years.
In 2016, Physical ArtHouse was recognized by „Theater Journal” as one of the most promising independent theatre group. Physical ArtHouse, as the only artistic group from the Lubuskie Province, was selected for the Polish Dance Chronicle, which is an initiative of the Polish Institute of Music and Dance.

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