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Shelley Etkin

Shelley Etkin


Shelley Etkin ​is a transdisciplinary artist, educator, and gardener based in Berlin, with roots in the U.S./Turtle Island and Israel/Palestine. Her work centres relations between bodies and lands, engaging in process-based ecological thinking, making, and healing. Moving between dance and somatics, curation, pedagogy and community organising she weaves practices of plant medicine, bodywork, and place-based knowledges.

Shelley works independently and collaboratively, in a range of environments including Ponderosa, a rural arts centre where she facilitates the Garden as Studio platform for artistic research. Shelley is also a guest lecturer at the Humboldt University of Berlin, facilitating a course expanding the understandings of urban gardens through transdisciplinary perspectives.

Shelley is in ongoing collaborations with Laura Burns as LARK: Living Archive of Re-membered Knowledges, with Angela Schubot in the Mossbelly project, with Jared Gradinger in research into regenerative thinking, and in longterm learning exchange with Aune Kallinen, among others. Shelley is a member of the multidisciplinary collectives Hungry Mothers and La Foresta.

Shelley holds an M.A. in Ecology and Contemporary Performance (Finland) and B.A. in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (USA) and a Permaculture Design Certificate through Earth Activist Training (USA).

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