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Virginia Farman

Virginia Farman

Virginia Farman is a choreographer of site-based dances across a range of locations, (nightclubs, urban streets, seaside, nature-sites) and situations ( festivals, invited audiences, community participation, spontaneous display) . Her work is enthused by an interest in how dance can express humour, sensitivity and connection between people and places.
Originally trained with Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie and a member of the infamous Divas Dance company her early works were frequently performer at the Zap Club, Brighton. Farman is a long term collaborator with Bicycle Ballet, ( ; creating outdoor choreographies that have been performed nationally and internationally. Her short dance films and large scale works use dancing as method for community and cultural regeneration. Farman is a senior lecturer in Dance at the University of Chichester and PhD candidate ( .
Her more recent works; Children’s Games (2019 ) (Dances with) Cloud, Gate and Tree, ( 2020) and Souvenir ( 2020) have been created for specific outdoor locations ( ).

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