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3-Days Pass
Concession 180 € *

Standard 240 €
Supporter 290 €

1-Day Pass
Concession 70 € *

Standard 90 €
Supporter 120 €


3-Days Pass
Concession 30 € *

Standard 50 €
Supporter 100 €

1-Day Pass
Standard 20 €

Choose your Price Category
We offer 3 different price categories for our ticket:Choose the price you want or can pay for, according to your income: Standard / Concession* / Supporter

A supporter ticket can be purchased by individuals with more expendable income. The extra charge give us the ability to offer concessions tickets and support the organisation of the festival. Concession tickets are available under certain conditions (see below)

Choose your Festival Type (On-Site or Online)

In addition to our regular on-site program, we have created an additional exciting online program to offer a diverse experience of physical and virtual presentations, workshops, and events.

This blended edition makes BODY IQ FESTIVAL accessible for participants and facilitators from around the globe!

We have two different ticket categories: on-site & online and online only

On-Site & Online

  • The participation in our studio spaces is limited to 150 people each day. 

  • This way the festival can be diverse and lively, yet intimate enough to be able to connect with most people.

  • If you take part in the festival on-site, you will have access to all events that take place at all five locations plus to the online program.

  • Be aware on the hygienes rules and requirements to be able to participate on site: We request that you are either vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 (anytime between April 18 and October 18) and one  test no older than 24 hrs. (link for detail)

Online only

  • This selection of workshops, discussions and virtual presentations is specially formatted for zoom and will allow you to fully enjoy the body Iq festival experience!

  • You cannot participate on-site with an online festival ticket. An upgrade may be possible.

* Our concession price is offered to students, people on low income or people living on unemployment, support or disability allowances (disposable income less than 750€/month). Before booking please send a concession price request by email to

BODY IQ festival is a production of the Somatische Akademie Berlin.

The list of facilitators and the program of BodyIQ Festival 2021 are subject to last minute changes.

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