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It is clear that within the quartet there is a very profound and intuitive artistic debate which makes for a particularly fine tuning. This is a fundamental characteristic of Grapeshade, generating a great openness and alertness to every one of the fellow performers throughout the instant composition. The resulting permeability to every instant, as well as to the the unfolding of the event as a whole, gives rise to a great clarity, present even in dynamic and turbulent passages.



Grapeshade 54

The collective Grapeshade has existed  for 6 years at the interface between sound and movement. Both violinist Biliana Voutchkova and bass player Klaus Janek share a strong interest for movement and dance, and have worked for years intensively in this field. Likewise, both dancers Lisanne Goodhue & Ingo Reulecke in the group are out-and-out audiophiles.

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Details Workshops  Friday 17th November 

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