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     BODY IQ 2019 
15-16-17 November 2019

On being human in a world begging for our passion, compassion and action.
somatic inquiry•social culture & arts•collective activism•


BODY IQ 2019 focuses on dissemination, networking, application and somatic-activisms beyond the field into a diverse range of cultural and social environments.

BODY IQ 2019 addresses questions of re-embodiment in a context of global ethical and ecological crisis. Over the last decades somatic practices have become a growing field of sensorial, experiential and emancipatory learning within a broad range of educational, therapeutic and artistic contexts


  • How can somatic practices contribute to a re-education of attention and human interaction with a sustainable living world?

  • How do we mobilize, activate and organize a culture of somatic passion and care for a dignified future for all?


This is the general field of inquiry we would like to open. Everyone, regardless of experience or background, whether professional or new to the exploration, is warmly invited to participate.

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 BODY IQ 2017 
17-18-19 November 2017

Body Democracy  //  Democratic Body
somatic research•somatic reflection•somatic application•

In this third edition of BODY IQ we will continue our “Collective Body” focus from 2016 and investigate the political relevance of somatic learning and body intelligence. Leading questions will be:​

  • Can somatics support relatedness across different collectives despite different values and opinions

  • Can somatics help preserve the ability to stay related within crisis, destabilization or dissolution?

  • How can the physical, sensory experience of ourselves support us in managing difficult emotional states like fear, despair or rage?


Current global develpments are marked by a shift of collective, social, economic and political agreements and values. Within that situation vulnerabilities arise for many people, which can lead to more restrictive and fear-based assumptions and actions. What appears to be needed are new cultures of communication, interrelation and a cross-functioning of micro and macro collectives.


BODY IQ Festival 2017 is asking how can somatic approaches foster social intelligence and agency via body intelligence and sensory awareness? All creatures on earth exist as and within the same physical forces. Could relating to that provide a least common denominator that perhaps could be less exploited for power and oppression?  


Emphasizing physical sensations can reconnect with the here and now which stabilizes the system, grows trust and stimulates tolerance for diversity, relativity, relationality and flux.


BODY IQ Festival 2017 re-affirms democracy, democratic partnership and democratic participation with and through somatic learning - by helping people reclaim the sovereignty over their own attention and by visualising an intelligent and adaptive network of micro-macro relations and development.

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    BODY IQ 2016 
14-15-16 October 2016

Body Collective  //  Collective Body
somatic learning•social interaction•collective being•


BODY IQ 2016 will investigate the apparent gap between individual somatic learning and collective living. For instance, if we regard individuals in a society as unique cells within a social body, we could pose the question:


  • What is the potential impact of somatic learning on social interaction?  

  • Since the cells within a body already know how to communicate coherently, how can we become conscious of that inherent intelligence and translate it into a larger, social context?

  • How do our survival fears and external pressures, such as war, climate change, immigration, and economy, impact the development of collectives?  

  • What would conscious embodiment look like within existing social power structures such as politics, education and the free-market economy?

  • What if somatically informed experience could inspire a more dynamic connectivity within the context of collective bodies?

  • How can somatic methods contribute to the integration of our individual desire for freedom-of-choice with our collective desire for evolution?


This is the general field of inquiry we would like to open. Everyone, regardless of experience or background, whether professional or new to the exploration, is warmly invited to participate.

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 BODY IQ 2015 
16-17-18 October 2015

Discover and explore the cutting edge of the somatic field through immersion, discussion & application.

Pulsation.Expression.Social Body.

BODY IQ is a festival that celebrates ourselves as living, pulsating bodies. Without the body there is no experience and without experience there is no ground for intelligence. It is a festival of and by the conscious body - ensuring discovery, exchange and unexpected synergies.

About 20 international experts, artists and teachers gather distinctions and commonalities of somatic approaches, then disseminate them into a wide spectrum of applications, penetrating - from arts to healing to politics - many domains of human activity. BODY IQ aspires to be a platform that generates impulses for the knowledge, wisdom and wonder of the conscious, human form



There are three spaces devoted to a particular focus: the pulsation room, the expression room & the social body room.

Pulsation Room.

Pulsation describes the experience of our own living body with it’s tissues, fluids, interpenetrating rhythms, breaths and sounds. As unique human beings and as mankind, we are heirs of an enormous bio-lineage going back to the quivering of the first cells on earth. In that sense the room of Pulsation is a place of departure. Pulsation also implies a vast regulatory intelligence inherent in our bodies. Systemic self-regulation, regeneration, overall health and balance can be strongly impacted through somatic practices. What are the conditions that support and enhance the flow of information in the body and how can we create them? How are our emotional, mental and transpersonal states of being impacted?

Expression Room.

As we transition from pulsation, we can come in contact with our individual desire and urge to express, to share and to actualize something in the world. The intentional core of this room is using the body to connect to our creative expression. How is voice, dance, performance, speech, writing, painting or any other form of expression affected when coming from a deep sensory engagement with the body?

Social Body Room.

Many individuals in their body make up our social or collective body. What happens when somatic techniques and vocabulary inform cultural or even political conversations?  What is the collective “connective tissue”, the “posture” or “pulse” of our time? How is the collective in-formed by individuals and how are the individuals in-formed by the collective? What changes if the body is more included in the dialog between individual and collective?



Somatic experience gives rise to various relationships to time.
Time can speed up, slow down, stand sill or dissolve. In linear time we will explore the following build-up:


Our first day is devoted to experience, as the strength of Somatics lies in the immediacy of direct and experiential learning and discovery.


Day two is about settling, sinking, deepening and then taking some further steps.


The last day oft the festival focuses on practical and further applications of Somatics. What areas of life from health to arts, from economics to politics can benefit from Somatics and how?

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